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Linden Lab knock down our project!

protest_schild, ursprünglich hochgeladen von metaversa

Yesterday nearly 70% of the german teen accounts were deleted by Linden Labs due to „security issues“. That means, that 140 active german teens out of 200 teens in our group have lost their accounts, their money and their inventar. Since yesterday our island Metaversa is empty! This is a desaster for our educational work in the teengrid and i am really annoyed.

I talked to the support, but he won’t tell me the reasons why these accounts were deleted (we never talk about security issues), he only offered that they can make new accounts and get the Lindens from their old accounts back! …but what about their avatarnames, their inventory, the community structure???

And I want to know which of your projects or who of your teens are affected by this as well.

The lasting teens will now start a protest campaign against that unfair behavior.

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  • Bitte sagt ihr Bescheid, wie sich diese Geschichte weiter entwickelt?
    Es muss ja wohl IRGENDWELCHE Gründe geben?!
    Und: Was machen die Bewohner jetzt?
    Would love to report about this issue!
    Nuschi from the Bus

  • Hallo, danke für den Kommentar. Gut zu wissen, dass man über das Weblog auch Infos wirklich weitergeben kann.
    Ich informiere, wenn es was Neues gibt. Die Teens selber diskutieren im Communityforum:


  • The situation is still unclear. At this time, it is not possible to register a new account, there will be an error message. Some supporters said, the accounts can not be reactivated. You should use the ticket system to create a new account and to demand your ingame money (L$) back, but only your L$, the items of your avatar and the objects are lost.

  • Hi Michael,

    DAS ist ja wirklich bitter, gute Güte 🙁

    Ich hoffe für euch, dass das wirklich nur vorübergehend ist und drücke alle Daumen!

    Lieben Gruß
    Heidi / Vio

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