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I am not alone

It seems that other educators are also not happy about the limitations in the teen grid. I found
this in the PacificRimExchange Weblog:“As educators, we want to have control over our own servers and virtual environments. I want to be able to control who can visit my islands. I want the ability to take
my students out to visit other schools, colleges, universities, and attractions. Right now I cannot take students under the age of 18 to the International Space Museum on the Main Grid. Education is all
about „learning by doing“ and shared experiences with others. By limiting K-12 projects to private islands on the Teen Grid, we are severely limiting the potential uses of this platform for education. As it stands now, we (PacRimX) can’t even interact with other K-12 projects on the Teen Grid. This has to change.“

I absolutly agree!

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